Airport Fees and Charges



Aviation in NZ attracts fees from a number of agencies, primarily Airways NZ (for Air Traffic Control, Flight Information and Publications and for flight planning services) and airports.   These fees embrace weather information and services, air traffic, air navigation services, landing fees, parking fees and other relevant charges.

Weather, Air Traffic and Air Navigation Services

The provision of services relating to weather, Air Traffic Control and Aviation Navigation services is undertaken by the Airways Corporation of New Zealand. A full schedule of Airways charges is available at

There are no Air Traffic Control Services at Whanganui Airport and therefore are no direct associated charges.  However, flights into controlled airports do incur fees, as do IFR flights, lodgement of flight plans and access to flight planning data including weather.

Airport Fees

As for other airports throughout New Zealand there are charges for aircraft landing at Whanganui. The schedule for these charges is as follows:

(Effective 1 June 2013)
General aviation aircraft not using the Terminal (deemed to be under 5,001 kg)
MCTOW (kg)
All aircraft and helicopters
Daily minimum
incl GST
Cash or Quarterly pre-pay discount
0-600 and $5.00 $5.75 $5.00
601 – 1500 $10.00 $11.50 $10.00
1501 – 3000 $15.00 $17.25 $15.00
3001 – 4500 $20.00 $23.00 $20.00
4501 – 5000 $25.00 $28.75 $25.00


  1. The above landing charges apply to each of the first three landings per aircraft on any one day.
  2. The 4thh and any subsequent landing for each aircraft within the day will be charged at 50% of the above single landing charge.
  3. Transiting aircraft completing Touch and Goes only will be considered as completing one landing on each occasion of joining the circuit.
  4. Helicopters operate free of charge from leased Whanganui Airport sites*.
  5. A $10.00 Administration Charge applies to all invoices less than $20.00 per month.

* Helicopters not broadcasting intentions to land on a leased site will be deemed to have landed on the airfield and will incur the standard landing fee.

A discount equivalent to GST will apply for the following:

  1. Cash on the day.  Payment may be made at the honesty box located outside the terminal entrance or at the South Beach Café inside the terminal.
  2. Pre-payment quarterly in advance.
  3. Self generated schedule of landing charges by large volume users.
Scheduled and chartered services
  1. It is assumed aircraft and helicopters larger than 5,000kg will use the sealed runway and terminal facilities.
  2. The Landing Fee will include a Terminal Charge, which may vary according to the aircraft seat configuration, but will assume a 70% load factor

MCTOW (kg) Landing charge per kg MCTOW
Terminal Charge per Pax – totalled at 70% load factor
Total Landing Fee
5,001 – 8,000 $.00462 $2.47 Sum of Landing & Terminal Charges
8,001 – 11,000 $0.00421 As above As above
11,001 – 14,000 $0.00400 As above As above
14,001 – 17,000 $0.00387 As above As above
 17,001 – 20,000 $0.00378 As above As above
Over 20,001 $0.00320 As above As above


On-field payment may be made at the Air NZ Check-in, the South Beach Café or at the Honesty Box located externally on the Maintenance building just to the east of the old control tower.

Aircraft Parking Fees

There are no aircraft parking fees in force at the present time, however, the airport authority reserves the right to introduce these in the future should that be considered appropriate.